OF-00-09 Atlas of Sand, Gravel, & Quarry Aggregate Resources, Colorado Front Range

CD contains files associated with the aggregate datasets that are a digital representation of the CGS Special Publication 5A (out of print) and 5B entitled, “Sand, Gravel, and Quarry Aggregate Resources, Colorado Front Range Counties,” by Schwochow, Shroba, and Wicklein, published in 1974. This CD contains 50 files. The files are provided in Arc Export (.e00) format so they can be easily imported into any GIS or graphics package that is Arc Export compatible. (See SP-05B for page-size reducations and OF74-01 for individual purchase of 1:24,000-scale maps.) CD.

Author: J.A. Cappa and others, compilers
Status: In Print
Year: 2000


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