OF-01-17 The Coalbed Methane Potential in the Upper Cretaceous to Early Tertiary Laramie and Denver Formations, Denver Basin, Colorado

This CD compiles existing geologic information regarding the coalbed methane resources of the Denver Basin into a single Geographic Information Systems (GIS) format. The report contains chemical, physical, structural, and stratigraphic data on Denver Basin coal beds, which were compiled from several previously published Colorado Geological Survey reports. These data were digitized into an ArcView database. The objective of this publication is to synthesize a large volume of analytical coal and methane data collected by the Colorado Geological Survey and to provide that resource information to resource developers, government planners, and interested citizens. CD.

Contains no GIS files, only the resultant PDF’s.

Author: L.L. Wray
Status: In Print
Year: 2001


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