OF-08-16 Geologic Map of the Dakan Mountain Quadrangle, Douglas, Teller and El Paso Counties, Colorado

Describes the geologic setting, mineral and water resources, and geologic hazards of this 7.5-minute quadrangle located in the Front Range, north of Woodland Park, Colorado. Consulting geologists Jay Temple, Alan Busacca and field assistants David Mendel and Karri Sicard completed the field work on this project during the summer of 2007. The sedimentary bedrock unit descriptions, structural geology, and water resource sections of this report were written by Mr. Temple. Dr Busacca completed the sections on surficial deposits and geologic hazards. Mr. Mendel and Miss Sicard contributed the crystalline bedrock unit descriptions and mineral resources section.

Author: Jay Temple
Status: In Print
Year: 2009


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