Welcome to the Colorado Geological Survey bookstore!

Here you’ll find a wide range of geoscience publications, maps, and digital GIS data. Since the first CGS Bulletin titled A Preliminary Report on the Geology of the Monarch Mining District, Chafee County in 1910, the Survey has issued more than six hundred professional publications concerning the geology, groundwater hydrology, mining, energy production, and geologic hazards around the state of Colorado.

Featured Items:

B-55 The West Salt Creek Landslide: A Catastrophic Rockslide and Rock/Debris Avalanche in Mesa County, CO

IS-79 Colorado Mineral and Energy Industry Activities 2015-16

OF-11-01 Notes on the Denver Basin Geologic Maps: Bedrock Geology, Structure, and Isopach Maps of Upper Cretaceous to Paleogene Strata between Greeley and Colorado Springs, Colorado

SP-52 Messages in Stone: Colorado’s Colorful Geology (2nd Edition)

IS-33 Gold Panning and Placering In Colorado: How and Where

SP-57 Tourist Guide to Colorado Geology


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