New Bookstore look

As the new site slowly (very slowly!) takes form, we have re-skinned the bookstore: same great content, new look! We are also engaged in a comprehensive appraisal of our entire publications archive. This includes a full inventory and the creation of five sets of our... read more

Bumpy spots

Hello folks — please forgive the mess that the blog is in — we are doing a site migration in preparation for starting the development process for an entirely new web presence coming in some months. But in the meantime, the blog here is in some chaos, so... read more

Welcome to the CGS RockTalk blog

We’ve decided to revive one of our most popular print publications — RockTalk — as a blog so that we can continue to bring you interesting, informative, and timely postings related to our mission. This year, 2017, will see 110 years since the... read more

Creative geologic ideas?

No Geologist worth anything is permanently bound to a desk or laboratory, but the charming notion that true science can only be based on unbiased observation of nature in the raw is mythology. Creative work, in geology and anywhere else, is interaction and synthesis:... read more

What are diamonds?

Diamonds are formed from pure carbon, one of the most abundant elements on planet Earth. Diamonds, even from ancient times, have been sought for their extraordinary hardness (they are the hardest substance known) and their brilliance, especially in the colorless... read more

Dr. Cílek on the Bohemian karst

Dr. Cílek, the Director of the Czech Republic’s Academy of Sciences Institute of Geology delivers a fascinating talk about the Bohemian Karst region of the Czech Republic, around Beroun, that weaves the human historical, mystical, and mythological... read more

Rising and Falling Ground

On solid ground — that’s how many of us think of good old, stable earth. So it’s disconcerting when the ground moves out from under us in any way. Because of our environment, history, and geology, Colorado has conditions where ground movements can costs millions... read more

CGS Centenary-plus-ten

Regarding the Colorado Geological Survey (an article appearing in the Mining Reporter, March 1907): We note that one of our contemporaries, in recently commenting on the University bill creating a State Geological Survey of Colorado — the bill reported favorably... read more