New Bookstore look

As the new site slowly (very slowly!) takes form, we have re-skinned the bookstore: same great content, new look! We are also engaged in a comprehensive appraisal of our entire publications archive. This includes a full inventory and the creation of five sets of our (physical) publication archive for off-site storage, and the migration of almost all publications to digital-only. Demand for physical products, paper maps especially, has been dropping as those of us who love paper maps are just getting older! The advent of Geographic Information System (GIS) data more than thirty years ago has finally pushed all mapping products — professional and consumer-level — over to full digital acquisition and presentation.

The next major step with our public-facing presence is developing in the background. That is the preparation of our Main site, and this blog to be folded in with the store to make a single comprehensive webspace. It’s a huge task, with more than 600 publications and close to a thousand pages of site content most of which has to be re-written and updated since the original texts were written almost ten years ago in many cases. Even in the geoscience world, things change!

And, finally, we’re doing the ‘rebranding’ polka, that is, coming up with a new logo. Although we are attached to our traditional logo with its recognizable Crayola crayon-box color palette, we decided that a new logo, one that translates better into the streamlined digital world would make sense. Stay Tuned!

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