B-23 Some Anticlines of Routt County, Colorado


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Citation: Crawford, R. D., K. M. Willson, and V. C. Perini. “Bulletin 23 - Some Anticlines of Routt County.” Geology. Bulletin. Boulder, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, 1920.


Some anticlines of Routt County, Colorado. R.D. Crawford, K.M. Wilson, and V.C. Perini, Jr., 3 plates (1:25,000 and 1:31,680). 10 figures. Digital PDF download. B-23D.

Excerpted from the report introduction:
Oil seeps in Routt County have long been known, and two or three test wells were drilled many years ago. In the summer of 1919 a party of the Colorado Geological Survey studied the local geologic features that might have a bearing on oil formation and accumulation. …the present report is being published in the hope that it will be of use to operators in 1920.

This report provided the first detailed geologic investigation of the area. It is organized as follows: Introduction, Sedimentary rocks and surficial deposits, Folds, Tow Creed anticline (northern part), and Anticlines near Steamboat Springs. The latter two sections presented the physiography, stratigraphy, and structure of the anticlines.

Note that due to intense interest in the topic, this bulletin quickly became out of print. Thus, some of the most important parts of Bulletin 23 were reprinted in Bulletin 24.