EG-13 Artificial Recharge of Ground Water in Colorado: A Statewide Assessment

Ground water aquifers can be used as reservoirs to provide increased water storage capacity in Colorado through an intentional, engineered water recharge process to aquifers called “artificial recharge.” CGS has completed an assessment of the current and potential use of artificial recharge in our state. The report widely addresses several pertinent aspects of artificial recharge including the reasons for using the technique; the current methods or technologies used; where artificial recharge is being done in Colorado, the US and internationally; types of aquifers that can be used for artificial recharge and which Colorado aquifers are best suited for water storage. 152 pages. Digital PDF download. EG-13D

Author: Topper, R., P. E. Barkmann, D. A. Bird, and M. A. Sares. “EG-13 Artificial Recharge of Ground Water in Colorado – A Statewide Assessment.” Artificial Recharge. Environmental Geology. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, Division of Minerals and Geology, Department of Natural Resources, 2004.
Status: Digital
Year: 2004