SP-35 Colorado’s Dinosaurs


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Citation: Jenkins, John T., and Jannice L. Jenkins. SP-35 Colorado’s Dinosaurs. Special Publication, SP-35. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, 1993.


History of dinosaur collecting in Colorado; process of fossilization; geologic time scale, rock formations that yield dinosaurs; dinosaur types; story of three geologic periods when dinosaurs lived; current excavations; guide to tour and museums; sources. 74 pages. 84 figures. Digital PDF download. SP-35D

This popular book with lots and lots of figures is written for the general public in a narrative style. It includes 9 chapters, selected references and an index. Chapter 1 is Sleuthing the Past. Chapter 2 is A Rich History of Collecting Dinosaur Giants. Chapter 3 is A Record in the Rocks. Finally, Chapter 4 is Defining the Beasts. Chapter 5 is The Dawn of Colorado’s Dinosaurs: A Time of Tropical Latitudes and Arid Lowlands. Chapter 6 is Dinosaur Giants from a Vast Lowland. Chapter 7 is The End of an Era: The Sea Comes and Goes as Dinosaurs Leave the Scene. Chapter 8 is The Search Goes On. Chapter 9 is Tour Guide to Colorado’s Dinosaurs.