IS-54 Colorado Mineral and Mineral Fuel Activity, 1999


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Citation: Cappa, James A., Christopher J. Carroll, and H. Thomas Hemborg. “IS-54 Colorado Mineral and Mineral Fuel Activity, 1999.” Mineral and Mineral Fuel. Information Series. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, 2000.


This annual report describes exploration, development, and production activity of the gas and oil, coal, and mineral industries of Colorado in 1999. Includes information on the economic impact of these industries to the state. 32 pages. 31 figures. 12 tables. Digital PDF download. IS-54D

The Colorado Geological Survey Mineral Resources Section estimates the total value of 1999 mineral and mineral fuel production in Colorado to be $2,835 million dollars, a two percent increase from the 1998 total value of $2,769 million. The total value of oil, natural gas, and carbon dioxide production in 1999 was $1,913 million, a 12 percent increase from the 1998 value of $1,714 million. A higher oil and natural gas price is the primary reason for the increase in value for 1999. The value of Colorado coal production is estimated at $360 million.

Nonfuel mineral production — including metals, industrial minerals, and construction materials – The USGS Mineral Information Office estimates the value of the 1999 non-fuel mineral production to be $555 million. This figure is a decrease of eight percent from the 1998 value of $604 million. The decreased value is mostly due to lower molybdenum prices, decreased molybdenum production, and the closure of the Black Cloud Mine.

These and many other fascinating details are discussed in the report.