MI-14 Colorado Stratigraphic Correlation Chart


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Citation: Pearl, Richard H. “MI-14 Colorado Stratigraphic Correlation Chart.” Stratigraphic Correlation. Miscellaneous. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, August 1974.


Stratigraphic correlation/nomenclature chart of Colorado’s rock units. Digital PDF download. MI-14D

This stratigraphic column chart was compiled by Richard Pearl of the CGS. It was originally published in the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Special Publication No. 2, as Figure 2, in 1977, and with permission is provided here. The chart has 10 columns representing major basins and uplifts in Colorado. It spans from the Precambrian to the Pliocene.

The stratigraphy chart was collaboratively updated in 2016 (refer to CGS publication MS-53). It was authored by and published jointly with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Newly added was an 11th column on the Upper Arkansas/San Luis Valleys. However, this product continues to evolve and the most recent version is available at the Colorado Stratigraphy website.