OF-15-13 Debris Flow Susceptibility Map of Larimer County, Colorado


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Citation: Wait, T. C., Matthew L. Morgan, F. Scot Fitzgerald, K. S. Morgan, Karen A. Berry, and Jonathan L. White. “OF-15-13 Debris Flow Susceptibility Map of Larimer County, Colorado.” Debris-flow. Open File Reports. Golden, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, 2015.


The large‐scale precipitation events between September 11 through 14, 2013 resulted in catastrophic flooding on the floors of existing stream and gulch valleys in Larimer County. In addition to the flooding within the 100‐to 500‐year floodplains, there were also many upland flows that occurred well above and outside mapped floodplains. These types of flows are classified as earth flows and debris/mud flows, which are considered geologic hazards. This report and the accompanying map coverage address only these types of hazards. Hydrologic flooding within main stream channels and their floodplains, rockfall, landslides, and other geologic hazards were not included in this study. Digital ZIP download. OF-15-13D