OF-15-10 Geology and Groundwater Resources of Douglas County, Colorado


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Citation: Barkmann, P. E., F. Scot Fitzgerald, L. A. Sebol, W. Curtiss, J. Moore Pike, Annette Moore, and B. Taylor. “OF-15-10 Geology and Groundwater Resources of Douglas County.” Geology and Groundwater. Open File Reports. Golden, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, 2015.


This report provides a regional overview with the general public in mind: it also contains detailed background that will benefit more technical users. This project was funded by a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) matched by the CGS through its Severance Tax and Colorado General Operational Funds. Digital PDF/GIS/ZIP download. OF-15-10D

An online map — ON-15-10 Geology and Groundwater Resources of Douglas County, Colorado — is also available.

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  • OF-15-10_Geology_and_Groundwater_Resources_DouglasCo.pdf
  • Includes report with text, tables, figures, and appendices

    Map plates:

    • OF-15-10_Plt-1_DouglasCo_General_Geology.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-2_DouglasCo_Cross_Section.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-3_DouglasCo_Precambrian.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-4_DouglasCo_Paleozoic-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-5_DouglasCo_Paleozoic-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-6_DouglasCo_Lyons_Fountain-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-7_DouglasCo_Lyons_Fountain-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-8_DouglasCo_Dakota-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-9_DouglasCo_Dakota-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-10_DouglasCo_Fox_Hills-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-11_DouglasCo_Fox_Hills-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-12_DouglasCo_D1_Lower_Fan-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-13_DouglasCo_D1_Lower_Fan-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-14_DouglasCo_D1_Middle_Unit-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-15_DouglasCo_D1_Middle_Unit-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-16_DouglasCo_D1_Upper_Fan-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-17_DouglasCo_D1_Upper_Fan-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-18_DouglasCo_Dawson_Arkose-Extent.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-19_DouglasCo_Dawson_Arkose-Depth.pdf
    • OF-15-10_Plt-20_DouglasCo_Alluvium-Extent.pdf

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    Douglas County has experienced considerable population growth in recent decades with development becoming increasingly reliant on local groundwater resources. A diverse geologic setting characterizes the County and groundwater can be found in many different geologic settings. This report compiles the most recent geologic mapping and interpretations focusing on groundwater occurrences in the various geologic formations found in the area. It is intended to provide a regional overview with the general public in mind, although it contains detailed background to be beneficial to more technical users.