RS-19 Geothermal Resource Assessment of Western San Luis Valley, Colorado


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Citation: Zacharakis, Ted G., Richard Howard Pearl, and Charles D. Ringose. “RS-19 Geothermal Resource Assessment of Western San Luis Valley, Colorado.” Geothermal Resources. Resource Series. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, 1983.


This assessment of the geothermal resources in western San Luis Valley includes geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, and geochemical resource assessment results. 72 pages. 29 figures. 13 tables. Digital PDF download. RS-19D

Shaw Warm Springs appears to be the only source of thermal waters along the western side of the valley, and is located approximately 6 miles (9.66 km) north of Del Norte in Rio Grande County, Colorado. From the various investigations conducted, it appears that the thermal waters of Shaw Warm Springs appear to be fault controlled and are of meteoric origin. The water becomes heated due to deep circulation (< 5,526 ft., 1. 7 km) in an area having above normal geothermal gradients. The reservoir is probably small and very limited in extent. Shaw Warm Springs has a temperature of 86°F (30°C), an annual average discharge of 40 gpm, and contains approximately 408 mg/l of total dissolved solids. It is estimated that this could have an areal extent of 0.63 sq. miles (1.62 sq. km) and contain 0.0148 Q's of heat energy. Water quality data from this spring is included in the report appendix. Also included in this report is an evaluation of soil mercury as a geothermal exploration tool used to delineate faults or permeable zones.