MI-03 Mineral Resources of Colorado, First Sequel


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Citation: Del Rio, S. M. “MI-03 Mineral Resources of Colorado First Sequel.” Mineral Resources. Miscellaneous. Denver, CO: State of Colorado Mineral Resources Board, 1960.


Mineral resources of Colorado, First Sequel. 763 pages. 9 plates. 73 figures. Digital PDF download. MI-03D

This classic publication is the only large sequel to the first comprehensive report on the minerals industry in Colorado (MI-01). Similar to MI-01, it has become a well-known reference book for those interested in Colorado’s historic mining districts and mineral resources. This book is not a revision, but takes up the 13 years since the coverage of the original publication ended in 1945. It expands on the oil and gas industry, due to many new discoveries, and industrial metals that gained unprecedented economic importance. Much of the basic data, both geological and generally informative contained in the 1947 edition, are fundamental in nature and are not repeated. Frequent references to information in the original volume are made by page numbers in this book. Thus, download of both volumes is recommended.

It is organized into four parts, I) mineral resources organized by county; II) special section on metals, including molybdenum, uranium, the rare earths, thorium, beryllium, and minerals processing; III) oil shale and coal, and IV) petroleum and natural gas.