MS-52 Oil and Gas Wells in Areas of Colorado with Superior Geothermal Properties

This publication, Oil and Gas Wells in Areas of Colorado with Superior Geothermal Properties, identifies oil and gas wells in Colorado that may constitute geothermal resources and are potentially open for re-entry. Geothermal gradient and heat flow were estimated for all wells contained in the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission‘s (COGCC) oil and gas well shapefile downloaded on 04 June 4 2009. According to provided locations, each well was assigned geothermal properties (gradient and heat flow) using the interpreted gradient and heat flow zones shown in the Colorado Geological Survey publications, Interpretive Geothermal Gradient Map of Colorado (Berkman and Carroll 2008). Using these predicted geothermal properties coupled with status codes, wells were evaluated for their potential conversion to geothermal use. It is important to remember that the oil and gas wells were assigned geothermal property ranges and tier ranks based on interpretive maps of gradient and heat flow, not on intrinsic data from each well. This CD contains a map plate, report documents, and Microsoft Access database and Geographic Information System (GIS) data of predicted geothermal properties and rankings for all recorded oil and gas wells in Colorado.┬áDigital files available for digital download. MS-52D.

Author: Frederick E. Berkman, Nicholas Watterson and Paul Morgan
Status: In Print
Year: 2010