B-25 Oil Shales of Colorado


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Citation: George, R. D. “Bulletin 25 - Oil Shales of Colorado.” Oil Shale. Bulletin. Boulder, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, 1921.


Oil shales of Colorado. 78 pages. 2 plates (1:84,500). 10 figures. R.D. George. Digital PDF download. B-25D

From the Preface:

The 1921 bulletin is not offered as the result of a comprehensive and systematic study of the problems of oil shale, but rather as a selection from a large body of facts and results which have accumulated from somewhat disconnected, and at times incomplete investigations in field and laboratory work extending over a period of fourteen years. Several portions of the material here brought together had been used in addresses and in articles in various magazines and other publications.

This bulletin is organized into the following sections: Oil shales of Colorado, Shale oil problems, and Laboratory study of Colorado shales.