B-35 Proceedings of a Symposium on Geothermal Energy and Colorado


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Citation: Pearl, Richard H. “Bulletin 35 - Proceedings of a Symposium on Geothermal Energy and Colorado.” Geothermal. Bulletin. Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, 1974.


Includes eleven papers exploring the geology, geophysics, exploration, economics, utilization, and regulation of geothermal resources in Colorado. 102 pages. B-35

As a consequence of the passage of the Federal Geothermal Steam Act of 1970, public interest in geothermal energy resources in the state resulted in the Colorado Geological Survey facilitating a symposium in Denver on December 6, 1973.

Eleven presentations addressed the following questions: What is geothermal energy? What is the geothermal energy potential of Colorado? If and when geothermal resource development comes, what will be the impact on Colorado, not only from an economic standpoint but more importantly from an environmental standpoint?