OF-83-04 Reconnaissance Geology and Geologic Hazards Maps of the Canon City 7.5-minute Quadrangle, Colorado


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Citation: Besch, Bruce W. “OF-83-04 Reconnaissance Geologic Map of the Cañon City Quadrangle.” Geologic, 1:24,000. Open File Report. Denver. CO: Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, 1983.


Reconnaissance geology and geologic hazards of the Canon City Quadrangle. 2 plates (1:24,000). Digital PDF download. OF-83-04D

These two black and white maps were created as part of a Colorado School of Mines thesis project (thesis number T-2532) with support by the Colorado Geological Survey. Plate 1 presents the geology and Plate 2 the geologic hazards. Mapped hazards include landslides, rock fall areas, unstable to potentially unstable slopes, flood areas, alluvial/debris fan areas, erosive-soils areas, and swelling soils areas. Also included on this plate is a hazard matrix.