OS-02 Surface Rehabilitation of Land Disturbances Resulting from Oil Shale Development


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Citation: Cook, C. Wayne. “OS-02 Surface Rehabilitation of Land Disturbances Resulting from Oil Shale Development.” Oil Shale. Oil Shale. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, March 1, 1974.


Surface rehabilitation of land disturbances resulting from oil shale development. Final report – Phases I and II. 255 and 157 pages. Digital PDF download. OS-02D

The Phase I report is organized into the following chapters: Chapter 1. Geomorphology of Piceance Creek Basin; Chapter 2. The natural vegetation in the landscape pf the Colorado oil shale region; Chapter 3. Ecosystems and their natural and artificial rehabilitation; Chapter 4. Evaluation of mining techniques; Chapter 5. Physical and chemical characteristics of overburden, spoils, and soils; Chapter 6. Characteristics of spent shale which influence water quality, sedimentation and plant growth medium; and Chapter 7. Water requirement for stabilizing and vegetating spent shale in the Piceance Basin.

The Phase II report is organized into Phase II-A Vegetative stabilization of spent oil shales and Phase II-B Revegetation of disturbed surface soils in various vegetation ecosystems in the Piceance Basin.