SP-57 Tourist Guide to Colorado Geology


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Citation: Matthews, Vincent, and Colorado Geological Survey. “SP-57 Tourist Guide to Colorado Geology.” Special Publication. Denver, CO: Colorado Geological Survey, 2009.


Come tour Colorado! This poster-sized publication features a large generalized geologic map of the state and numerous smaller geology-related maps, including points of geologic interest around the state. The smaller maps include the topography and physiography of Colorado, Colorado’s mineral and energy resources, distribution of rocks and deposits in Colorado, points of geologic interest, earthquakes and young faults of Colorado, official Colorado geologic symbols, and Colorado’s geologic time scale. SP-57

The Tourist Guide to Colorado Geology is published by the CGS. This publication consists of several related publications on the geology and terrains of Colorado. For further insights into the geology of Colorado, try SP-52 Messages in Stone: Colorado’s Colorful Geology (2nd Edition), also by the CGS.